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Axe Mark on a Gidgee
Released - October 2008


"It's hard to select a stand-out track here, but my choice if asked, would have to be 'Am Empty Plate', which really does carry a message we all must hear and note, as well, it is a tuneful song with great imagery. Charley has demonstrated his versatility here, both as a vocalist with interesting vocal quality, and his usual brilliant guitar skills.."
                                                                   Kelly Dixon



"Play Charley"
Released - May 2006


"Charley has the 'feel' for the melodic and traditional guitar sound, though I have heard him and Slim rocking it along plenty of times! Working with Slim for so many years, Charley developed a warm rapport with his 'boss' and mate and Slim would turn and call out 'Play Charley' when he wanted a quick break on guitar. It was always there, too.."
                                                                   Joy McKean



The Sunset Is Red
Released - 2001


Rob Breeze engineered this album which was recorded in Beaten Track Studio, located in the beautiful Megalong Valley. Most of the songs on this album were requested by friends. Like the first album, this one includes vocals and instrumental recordings. I enjoyed recording “Young Man from the Country” which was written by my wife Sandra. The title track was a re-recording of the first song I ever recorded in the early 70s.  



Take Me Back To The Country
Released - 1997


This album was recorded at Axent Studio and the engineer was Ross McGregor. All of the tracks were recorded live with limited overdubbing. I was very pleased to have some good mates helping me in the studio. Tony Macklin, drums Ben Kelly, bass, Glenn Jones vocals guitar and of course myself on guitars and vocals.

Most songs on this album were requests from friends and some are my all-time favourite songs of Slim Dusty, Gordon Parsons and Shorty Ranger