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Charley Boyter has been entertaining audiences for almost 45 years. Originally from Windsor NSW Australia, Charley was removed from his Aboriginal family as a youngster along with his brother and three sisters and spent the rest of his childhood growing up in a foster home in Sydney.

Charley lives in Penrith, New South Wales, Australia with his wife Sandra. They have two children, Allan and Sharon. Allan’s partner is Bec and he has three children, Jay, Ben and Callum.

 Charley began playing around with a guitar at the age of fifteen, jamming along with other pickers at a Church of Christ camp at Lake Illawarra in New South Wales.

As Charley’s guitar playing improved he started performing for church groups playing and singing traditional Country and Bluegrass Gospel music. Charley started performing with a good friend, Bruce Ohara and soon after, this combo became known as Country Sound.

Country Sound released a few albums, 12” records and cassettes. The line up was two acoustic guitars with banjo and fiddle, vocal melody with one and two part harmonies.

Country Sound became pretty well known and started performing around Australia on a regular schedule and they were one of the first gospel bands to perform and record in the Sydney Opera House.

At this time the band was approached to record some shows for Christian Television that was televised nationally.

It was during this time that Slim Dusty saw and heard Charley’s guitar playing and offered him a job with his show. Charley joined Slim’s Travellin’ Country Band in 1975 and has toured most of Australia, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

Charley has recorded on so many of Slim’s albums, Slim once remarked “Charley has played on more of my albums than any other guitarist”.

The partnership with the Slim Dusty Show lasted for about 20 years.

Charley has recorded albums with many other great artists such as Glenn Jones, Smokey Dawson, Jimmy Little, Col Hardy, Lee Kernaghan and family, and many more.

Charley has also performed in the USA at the Bell witch Opry in Adams Tn.

Other performances were with his good friend Ken Withington, the “Yodelling Pastor”. These shows were all in California and included Chino - China Lake Marine base - and Walnut, with the Stanley Bros.

Charley has also supported international acts such as Paul Stookey, Barry McGuire, Andrae Crouch, Evie Tornquist, Tom T Hall and Michael T Wall from Canada.

Charley is a multi-award winning artist and his unique acoustic guitar sound can be heard on some Aussie Classics such as Walk a Country Mile, Country Revival, Duncan and Leave him in the Longyard.